Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tool #5: Producing with Web 2.0 Tools

I visited several word clouds. In the past, I have used Wordle and the kids really do enjoy their creations. I experimented with ABCYA and Tagxedo. I used Tagxedo to make an example. I like the different shapes that can be used. This week, my class we will be using these sites to create products.
The site Make Belief Comix was fun. I made my own comic strip. I wish they had more clip art available. During workstations, the kids could write their own comic and print their product.

I created an account at Animoto and created a video with pictures that I took of the class. The children made foil boats and used force to make the boats move. I also included a short video of one group working on a roller coaster.


  1. Have fun exploring the various web tools with your students! You might want to take a look at Stupeflix. Students already have a Stupeflix account through their Google Docs so no additional account creation necessary!

  2. Tagxedo can be pretty cool but is not always very user friendly. I love that you're going to try it with your 1st graders and please let me know how it turns out. Your kids could definitely create Stupeflix videos too. I agree with Karen, try it out!

  3. Today I gave the kids a choice between Tagxedo and ABCYA to make their own word cloud. They were all successful. I also showed them Make Belief Comix and a few kids wrote their own comic! I will experiment with Stupeflix. I do need help with their Google Docs account.