Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tool 8

1. I watched the videos/tutorials (Dell Webcam Central). I really liked the video on how children can take pictures/videos using the Netbooks. The convenience of having them save in a folder on the desktop makes it really easy to manage and insert into any program. I learned that the vents on the Netbooks must be cleared for free air. Each Netbook has a SD card reader in the front to be used for MP3’s and photos.

2. The class and I will come up with rules and procedures (for example: no food, drinks allowed near devices/clean hands policy). They will be posted in the class. The expectations will also be listed. The kids will wipe “polish” the screens with eye-glass cloths before storing devices. The class will be taught how to store all equipment correctly. We will have experts and technicians. As part of our workstations, each child will rotate to the different devices. A checklist will help manage/monitor the use. I might assign the devices so that those children are responsible for their own device.
We have been using the ipads, itouches, and netbooks in our library and the children have learned how to turn on/off the equipment as well as how to return them into the carts correctly. The kids have been showing me different Apps they like so I can download those for our classroom devices.

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  1. It has been a joy having you and your class in the library for their 'technical time'. I love to hear their comments and observe their utter confidence while using them. Your plan for your room sounds stellar!