Monday, March 5, 2012

Tool 9

1. Technology should enhance and expand learning objectives. Teachers guide students but it is them who will analyze and synthesize the information learned.
2. Students should be held accountable to help them stay focused on the objective as well as taking responsibility for their own learning.
3. I liked Learning Games For Kids and Tutpup. Each child would be held accountable by recording in his/her journal what he/she did.
4. I’ve already downloaded many apps to our Ipad and Ipod. I really like ScreenChomp. Students can draw, label, take a picture and record. The image can also be shared. Bluster is a wonderful program. Two players can play against each other finding rhyming words. Another app is Brainpop. The students can be held accountable by taking a quiz.
5. Children will be able to record themselves reading a story, listening, and then reflecting on their own growth. The cameras on both handheld devices will allow children to take pictures outside of the classroom (for example: taking pictures of living and nonliving organisms) or videos and then placing them in a Google document or placing them in an Animoto video. Technology is a wonderful tool to differentiate instruction in the classroom.

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